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Always worthy...

...of good fic and art

Always Worthy
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This comm is dedicated to the Marvel character Thor. Fanworks and discussion welcome.
Welcome to always_worthy!

This is a community dedicated to the character of Thor, Odin's son, from the Marvel movies, comics, cartoons and so on. Thor is a warrior, a prince of Asgard, a son, a brother and a friend. He is fierce, brave and loyal, easygoing and can adapt to almost any new situation, and he is intelligent.

This comm is a place for all fans of Thor, all ships and mediums, and we welcome any fanworks and discussion about Thor as long as they respect his character - his loyalty, his growth, his history, and especially his intelligence. We are structured primarily for fanfic, but other fanworks are very welcome. Thor must be the focus of the work or at least one of the lead characters in an ensemble piece.

Genfic and all ships are welcome, including all het, slash and femslash (either as background pairings in a Thorfic or as genderswap). Please no RPF, as it is not in the spirit of a character-appreciation comm.

Recs are encouraged! Please rec any fics or other fanworks that you think would suit here. If this comm gathers enough members, we also plan to have prompts and challenges.

Your friendly mods are shinysylver and yalumesse, and you can page them here if you have any questions or if you would like to request a new tag.

1. All posts should be about Thor in some way; all fanworks must focus on Thor or he must at least be a lead in the ensemble.

2. No bashing. This applies to all characters, verses, ships, etc, but very especially to Thor - please do not portray him as an idiot, or the butt of jokes or cultural clashes.

3. When posting or reccing, please use the formats below.

4. All genres and ships are welcome, but please no RPF.

5. Warnings are required for the following: rape/noncon, dubcon, character death, incest, underage, and general NSFW. Any posts should be labeled and tagged appropriately, and all content mus tbe behind an LJcut. Additional warnings can be made at the author's discretion.

6. Tag your posts properly! Even if no warnings are required, please tag for all of the following: type, verse, character, rating (and rec, if appropriate). Details are below (see Tagging formats).

7. When posting images, please hide anything over 300x300 pixels behind an LJ cut; this also applies to multiple smaller images that add up to about as much.

8. Show respect for your fellow comm members. Disagreements and friendly debate are fine, but the mods will warn and then ban anyone who trolls, flames, etc.

9. Have fun!

Posting format
When posting or reccing on this comm, please use the following format:

Title: (please use this title to create the link)
Verse: (MCU, comics, cartoons, etc)
Pairings: (if any)
Words: (rough is fine, eg "2k")
Reccer's comments/summary*:
*for recs only, of course; please keep the author's original summary in the "summary" line.
Fake cuts are welcome and encouraged :)

Tagging format
All posts must include tags for type (of fanwork), verse (MCU, comics, cartoons, etc), character (Thor, of course, should be in everything), and rating, as well as any warnings that may be necessary. If you are reccing, don't forget to include the rec tag as well!

The list of existing tags is available here. If you need another tag (especially a pairing), please page a mod :)